AVIZO organic fermented sourdough
With probiotics, prebiotics and fiber

Oats are the “mother of all grains”. Fermented or fermented oats are very useful for our body, and it is also an excellent medium for the proliferation of colonies of good bacteria. An acidic environment is very unfavorable for pathogenic bacteria, so any sourdough is primarily acidic. AVIZO sourdoughs are distinguished by the fact that they contain additional fibers (prebiotics), are quite thick, after shaking the bottle, leaven remains on the walls. Thanks to this feature, the absorption of good bacteria in the intestines becomes particularly efficient. A liter bottle is enough for three to four weeks, so it is convenient for daily long-term use. For those who like variety, we suggest trying oat leavens with sea buckthorn or quince, which enrich the products with vitamins and minerals. For gourmets, we suggest trying buckwheat, rice or honey leavens.

Did you know that the benefits of good bacteria can be absorbed in a number of ways, e.g. making face masks, washing your head, applying skin.. Good bacteria can be the secret not only to a healthy gut, but also to a beautiful face.. Do you have a bottle of AVIZO in the fridge? It also contains a host of live good bacteria…

Fermented grains (oats, buckwheat, rice, etc.) have a specific pronounced aroma. It is characteristic of deep fermentation products. In terms of taste, sourdough resembles Turkish ayran or oat kisiel made by our elders. Rice sourdough has a milder taste, honey sourdough will surprise you with its sweet and sour aroma. All products differ only in taste, the colonies of good bacteria are the same.

How to use sourdough?

AVIZO probiotic yeast is not a medicine or a food supplement, so the usage guidelines are presented only as a recommendation. Drink undiluted, often and little by little (about one or two spoons per serving of food). So 30 – 50 ml per day would be enough. For those who are more sensitive to sourdough aroma, mix it with juices, green smoothies, porridges, salads, etc.

Enrich your daily food by adding OAT sourdough instead of sauce. Your food will become saturated with good live bacteria. If you don’t want to mix, take some OATS before meals and the rest after you finish eating. Everyone can choose the method of consumption according to taste.

OAT sourdough or drink? What is the difference and what to choose?

The main difference between these products is the method of fermentation, not the amount of bacteria. Drinks fermented together with organic juices do not have a long shelf life, after opening they should be consumed within 2 days, but they have a pleasant taste and do not have the characteristic smell of yeast. A great choice for children.

Sourdough is reminiscent of oat jelly or ayran made by the ancients, it is sour, but somehow tasty. They are not afraid of temperature changes and their shelf life is several times longer. They can be chosen for long-term use, after opening the product can be used for up to 45 days. The most economical choice is a one-liter bottle.

Both products have the same bacterial colonies, so if you need bacteria here and now – choose a drink, if you want to have probiotics in the fridge for a longer time – choose AVIZO sourdough.